Tub and Lavatory Refinishing

Refinishing or reglazing is the process by which porcelain and ceramic fixtures and surfaces are refinished to look like new.  With reglazing, your worn out bathtubs and tile can be restored to their original luster right in place ~ in just a few hours ~ at a fraction of replacement cost!!!

Over the years, thanks mainly to the use of harsh abrasive cleansers, your bathtub has probably lost its original look. In addition, the surface has actually become porous to the point where keeping it clean is very difficult, if not impossible. Dirt and soap scum are caught and trapped in the roughened surface just like a sponge soaks up water.l

Maybe your tub has been the victim of someone who has dropped a heavy object and chipped or damanged the surface. Maybe your tub has been badly damaged by misuse of drain cleaners or other chemicals. Maybe your tub has been has been severly stained by who know what. Maybe our tules are showing its age and is crazing or discoloring or won't shine anymore. Maybe the grout between your tile is looking old and hard to clean, or ~


Reglazing/refinishing can correct all of these problems. We can repair any chipped or damaged areas. Then we will prepare the surface using our industrial cleaning process. Next, we will mask off and protect all ajacent areas and set up ventilation equipment to reduce overspray and odors. We will then apply and cure our exclusive adhesive coating. While we are reglazing your tub we can also apply an "Anti-Skid" surface to the tub floor to help reduce slip and fall accidents.

Finally our high quality Tub Top Coat Refinishing Material is applied and chemically bonded to the surface. The tub surround is then recaulked. There are no dangerous chemical residues or mess in your  home. The new surface is shining and easy to clean ~ and keep clean.

Why replace that old bathtub or tile just because the color is outdated orthe surface is worn out? At a fraction of the replacement cost, we can make them look like new gain. The refinishing process takes about three to five (3 ~ 5) hours  and your new fixture is then ready to use in forty eight (48) hours.


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